Blog it: now or never

Ok, so here it is, finally: my blog.

It’s become kind of a joke really, considering this was intended to be my blog about the challenges of my family moving from the city to the country. Well, we’ve been living our country lives quite comfortably for nearly a year now and I haven’t gotten round to writing anything here.

Perhaps that’s an indication of the amount of work it takes to keep this place going!

It has been a brutal winter in the country, with eight-foot snow banks reminiscent of those when I was a child, numerous “snow days” when school buses were cancelled, and constantly shovelling snow and wondering whether the car would make it up the driveway through the sweeping snowdrifts.

I’ve hauled more wood into the house these past months than a lumberjack, and constantly battled feelings of isolation while the winds howled around my cozy little cabin. Still, it’s been good, and I’d be lying if I said I’d want it any other way.

And with the melting of the snow and the budding of spring, I figured it’s time to finally get this blog thing off the ground. Whether anyone cares or not, I’m here and I’m officially “going-live” today.

This is my way of keeping in touch with my family and friends that I have put so much distance between with our move to the country. It’s a way to help me chronicle the challenges of making this drastic lifestyle change, but also to document the milestones and good times along the way. It has been a hard transition in many ways, but it’s been a good one overall and there will be many more good times along the way.

And now, spring has sprung, the plants are sprouting new buds and the birds are singing. It’s time to get dirty!

Scroll down and keep reading….

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