Nude male models wanted. Anyone? Anyone?


 Due to an overwhelming response from men all over the globe, I have not been able to reply to each and every one of you. When I first put this blog “out there,” I honestly had not imagined people beyond my circle of friends and colleagues, would reply.

 Many of you who have so generously offered to pose for me were taking such a leap of faith. Whether you wanted to stroke this experience off your bucket list, or you were looking for the courage to see your bodies (with all of your perceived flaws) as art, or you were one of a couple of men who just wanted this to fulfill a porn scenario fantasy (NOT what I was after but hey, good for you for trying!), I am truly honoured that you trusted me enough to reach out.

 I have found what I was looking for and am no longer on the hunt for nude male models.

 Thanks again, and thanks for reading!


My art is progressing nicely. I have nearly completed my first five nudes, and am eager to start a new series. I have canvass stretched and waiting, full pots of paints, clean brushes…the only thing missing is, well, a model.

I find myself in a bit of a conundrum: finding a willing subject is proving harder than I expected! I was fortunate enough to have a girlfriend of mine pose nude for me. I photographed her in my house (my husband kindly offered to help hold the lights for me, channelling his inner porn star, however, my death stare had him quickly retreating to another room) and these images found their way into my first series. As a model, she had no qualms about posing nude for me.

My second subject was (not) surprisingly willing to pose for me. An old friend who did some modelling years ago, he was happy to oblige me. When the kids came home from school and saw the 4×3 foot painting of a naked man in the art room there was a piercing scream from my middle daughter, and from the teenager, a disgusted “Really, Mom? Really?”

Edwina visiting the studio during the work in progress. I like to call this one "Chicken and Cock"
Edwina visiting the studio during the work in progress. I like to call this one
“Chicken and Cock”

They have come a long way over the course of a few months, bless their little hearts.

But in my quest for a variety of body shapes, I’m now out of models. I have no problem finding volunteers of the female persuasion; it’s the men who are less-than-willing, for some reason. A neighbour (who, incidentally, refused to pose) suggested I turn to the Internet for some pictures. My response to him was a resounding no, since the images have to belong to me. But in my desperation I checked it out. I typed “naked men images” into Google, and now, let’s just say I am slightly traumatized!

I realize we all come in different shapes and sizes, but these guys all had a shape and a size in common. And, I am afraid – very afraid. If I’d seen photos like those before I approached my own sexual awakening, I would likely be celibate somewhere, doing good deeds for the less fortunate.

So, Googling random images is not going to cut it.

The trick is finding a man who is willing to pose for me without any nonsense. I have a lot of male friends in the modeling industry that would do it for me, but I’m not looking for their body type. I need less “perfection.” It’s not a request I can put up on the bulletin board at the local post office (although that would be a fun social experiment…) and my circle of male friends in my new community is limited, so now what?

It will be fascinating to see how this unfolds. And my goal of having an exhibition of the finished works will be equally interesting. Somehow, I don’t think I will be invited to partake in the local annual artist studio tour – but I will keep you posted.

24 thoughts on “Nude male models wanted. Anyone? Anyone?

  1. Maybe you shouldn’t advertise that you put a chicken, a creature that pecks, so close to the cock….I believe that boys get nervous about that type of thing:)

    1. Drive to nearest University with an art class, They have models paid for posing. I used to do it. Maybe the model and teacher will let you snap pics?
      Another solution would be to go on vacation to a naturist spot with a digital camera and a hard drive and fill it up. Or maybe your small place has a spot for exhibitionists you could hang by … to make connections?

      Just kidding, good luck with that search, Tay.

  2. I would love to model for you and would like an image of the finished painting.
    I model professionally but happy to do it FOC

  3. I’m in my early 50s and certainly no longer looking as I did in my prime, but I would be happy to pose for you f.o.c. I consider myself to be the proverbial willing subject whose tantamount wish is to please the artist, regardless of gender.

  4. Hello
    sounds interesting i may be able to help depending on your location I’m a 56 yo guy in reasonable shape was a life model many years ago so nudity is no problem
    thanks regards Dave

  5. Hi there just found your website. I know its a year older but wondering i like to ask about the nude model thing for males. I am also a less then perfect body type. but in shape. cyclist type. are you still looking for nude photos of men? i could offer such a thing for you. can do non sexual of course. But all i ask is not to show my face in photos\ i can take photos of myself in any pose you wish.
    i am male 37 ,cacausaion more then willing to help you out\
    look forward to your kind reply and thanks

  6. Hi,i am finding it difficult to find anyone who is willing to give me the chance to try out “nude modeling” so I am more than happy to sit for you

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