They’re here!

Edwina the yellow chick with Elsa and Henrietta

They’re here!

Cal and I picked our chicks up after work yesterday. I knew they’d be cute but, omg!

The drive home from “the Co-op” was very stressful. The nice shop lady warned me not to let them near any drafts, so when I opened the door to leave the store, the torrential rain and monsoon winds we were experiencing yesterday nearly blew the box right out of my hands. I was certain I had already killed them.

I wrangled Cal into the car and as I was tucking the box into the front passenger seat, I wondered for a moment if I should be strapping them in. (Really?!) And it gets crazier.

While driving home listening to their little chirps, my nipples twitched and I thought I was going to start lactating all over my steering wheel. It was reminiscent of those days of new motherhood, when you’d be driving like a zombie hopped up on cocaine to get home so you could feed the crying newborn strapped in your backseat.

God, that was awful.

Fortunately for all involved, that didn’t happen.

We got home and opened the box. Turns out little chicks can be black, not just yellow. I mentioned this fact to one of the dads at my daughter’s gymnastic lesson later that night to which he replied, “We don’t see a lot of black chicks around these parts, (insert belly laugh here).”

Oh boy.

Anyway, we now have two little black chicks and one very round yellow one. They have survived the night, and the cats (and dog) have been very welcoming.

If they live, we will have our own eggs in 18 weeks.

George, the “barn cat,” babysitting.