Living the dream? Yes, but…

So, here I am.

I have survived the move from the city into my beautiful country home. My marriage is still intact, and my three children still love me! As I strolled around my freshly mown property this morning, three little kittens at my feet, I inhaled the clean country air and felt blessed.

So, why am I feeling nervous?

As I have said all along, change is good. But change takes time to get used to. As I step from one life to another I am not only changing in a geographical sense, but I am changing WHO I am.

In the city I had my professional identity working as a model and actor. A nice solid career. I had my circle of friends, and my home life was moving along smoothly. I knew who I was.

With this move I seem to have left all but my family behind.

I’m still working, but my gigs are fewer because of the distance. I’m still in touch with my friends of course, but the two hour drive makes our time together limited.

As I stroll through my yards, I am nervous. Nervous about what I have lost, and about not knowing what lies ahead. I’m not a city slicker anymore. I am “country girl.”

I didn’t make this move blindly, and the truth is I do have a few aspirations waiting in the sidelines once the dust settles here. But regardless, I am suffering from a true identity crisis.

WHO am I?!?